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Season 1 Episode 11: Ducks, Refs and Trade Rumours

Season 1 Episode 11: Ducks, Refs and Trade Rumours

February 6, 2013
Originally Aired:  February 6, 2013 

The Call-ups are missing their top line host Pan, so like the Senators we bring in Puddleduck from our farm system to fill in.   You might want to check the math, because it may or may not be his strong point. 

We recap: 

- Game 8: Sens @ Canes (loss) 
- Game 9: Sens @ Habs (loss) 
- Game 10: Sabres @ Sens (win) 

Topics of attention include Corvo, the no-goal in Montreal and Kardinal's burn of a Leaf fan at SBP. 

Special thanks to SensKal and Senior for their emails which we discuss on the show. 
Season 1 Episode 10:  Senatron Calls Up!

Season 1 Episode 10: Senatron Calls Up!

February 1, 2013
Originally Aired: February 1, 2013 

And we’re back!  Now we’re missing our fist line center with Spezza’s injuries, but that’s OK because WE GOT E-MAIL!!! And Z-Bad. 

More great results with 5 out of a possible 6 games:

- Penguins 2 – Sens 1 (Shout Out)
- Capitals 2 – Sens 3
- Canadiens 1 – Sens 5

After talking about the potential replacements or fill ins on the top line, we review how great some players have been doing and how some others, well, not so quite.  We also get to learn more about a staple at some Sens games by calling up Senatron! 

Around the league, we have a couple RFA signings and see the re-emergence of a familiar face in an unfamiliar location.

Thanks to all for listening to us through our first 10 episodes and we look forward to reading more of your e-mails and see you on the forums!
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