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Season 3 Episode 14: Chicken or Beef?

Season 3 Episode 14: Chicken or Beef?

March 11, 2015

We’re back after the most controversial week of the season - Which Goalie should be starting????  (The answer is Anderson)

  • Sens 2 @ Wild 3 (SO)
  • Sens 3 @ Jets 1
  • Sabres 2 @ Sens 3
  • Flames 4 @ Sens 5 (SO)
  • Bruins 3 @ Sens 1

After a heck of a run and a loss to the Bruins in a very key game, the low probability of making the playoffs gets bleaker.  There’s tough competition in the next coming week and the team has been consistently playing well.

We get a couple of e-mails from Molar Doctor and Ivan, followed by some talk from around the league.  You also won’t believe where Kardinal thinks that Mike Babcock will be coaching!

Season 3 Episode 13: The Hamburglar Helper

Season 3 Episode 13: The Hamburglar Helper

March 2, 2015

After a seriously terrifying collision, the tank appeared to be full on.  How can an AHL goalie NOT tank this team?  Well EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING!

  • Canes 6 @ Sens 3
  • Habs 2 @ Sens 4
  • Panthers 1 @ Sens 4
  • Sens 3 @ Ducks 0
  • Sens 1 @ Kings 0
  • Sens 4 @ Sharks 2

Trade deadline comes and goes and the Sens DON’T DO SOMETHING, so we try to look ahead to next year and get all jumbled up with talking about Cowen and the defence. Then we get really jumbled up with the future of the Leafs, get one e-mail from CBInc and just rant on as always.

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