Season 3 Episode 16: The Hamburgers Roll On

March 25, 2015

Another wonderful week passes as the Sens continue on the playoff push!

  • Bruins 4 @ Sens 6
  • Leafs 3 @ Sens 5
  • Sharks 2 @ Sens 5

Kyle Bukauskas (@SNKylebukauskas) from Sportsnet joins us to talk about the season up to now.

We talk about the success around the team, read some e-mails and prepare for a handful of the MOST IMPORTANT GAMES OF THE YEAR!!!!!

Season 3 Episode 15: Robble Freaking Robble!

March 18, 2015

We’re back on a consistent basis, just like the Sens winning streak     YYYEEEAAAAHHHH!

  • SENS 5 @ HABS 2
  • SENS 2 @ NYI 1
  • FLYERS 1 @ SENS 2 (SO)
  • SENS 2 @ CANES 1 (OT)

Although the team is emaciated by injuries, the current roster just keeps on trucking.  Unsure as to what Phillips is up to and knowing that MacArthur and Lehner are a long ways away, how do you fit guys like Smith and Neil in the line up - if at all?  Anderson re-injures his hand and Ottawa is left with no alternative in the case Hammond falters.

We get lots of emails and a voicemail, plus a wonderful donation from Patrick!

Let’s keep up with the playoff push, after all, the Sens are only four back!