Season 3 Episode 2: Starting off Strong

October 15, 2014
We’re back and finally talking meaningful hockey!  Although we have been gone for only a couple weeks, we bring up some old news in the naming of Karlsson as captain and the extension of Bobby Ryan.
Sens 2 @ Predators 3 (Loss)
Sens 3 @ Lighting 2 (SO Win)
Sens 1 @ Panthers 0 (snoozefest win)
There’s been lots of talk around Jared Cowen’s play and subsequent benching and we talk on this further in an e-mail from our loyal Donator Drew.  We go back to speak about the options of having the building closer to downtown, look at what the prospects were up to in France and then take a look around the league.
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Season 3 Episode 1: An Inauspicious Beginning

September 30, 2014

It’s a miracle that we actually got the show out as today involved a broken mic, borrowed equipment from Shredder, a broken car key.  That said, we’re all very excited that hockey is back!  After summing up our summers, we look at what the new Sens are doing both in the rookie and training camps and take a look where some of the former players are.  Looking forward to more excitement at the games, we have Dan Julien back on from the Senators to talk about the promotions and the special fan section.  You can reach him on twitter at @deejayyou or at 613-296-8262.  We’re looking forward to the year so make sure you join in the fun in our new forums at follow us on twitter at @senscallups and as always EEEEEMAAAIIILLL THE SHOW at [email protected]