Season 3 Episode 6: Cup for Murray

November 18, 2014

After some very saddening news on the state of Bryan Murray, the team continues on its Western road swing.

  • Sens 4 @ Oilers 3 (OT)
  • Sens 2 @ Flames 4

We review what we think about the Kid Line, the ice time around the team and the prospects.   It’s also good to spread a little ill will towards Dany Heatley as his NHL career comes crashing to an end.

We get an email from Vinnie and make one of our shortest full episodes to date - seriously, how did we do 6 lockout episodes?

Season 3 Episode 5: A week of 2-2-2

November 13, 2014

We’re back in our new and (almost) permanent studio!  It has been a while and without a professional comedian on, so please, bear with us.

There’s lots of games to recap, but CB Inc gets us sped up on some of those.

  • Sens 2 @ Bruins 4
  • Detroit 1 @ Sens 3
  • Wild 0 @ Sens 3
  • Jets 2 @ Sens 1 (SO)
  • Leafs 5 @ Sens 3

We go into more of our opinions on the perspective of the new Sens Supporters Section.  Lazar is staying up after playing over 9 games and we talk about the lines, read an e-mail from Ivan and await for more e-mails!!!!