Season 3 Bonus Hidden Track Episode

August 3, 2015

Ever wonder what it would sound like if we took all of the bonus material at the end of episodes over the past 3 seasons and mash it all up into a single bonus track episode?  Yea, we didn't either... at least until the other night when we were bored.


Professionalism at its best, we take a silly look back at all of that bonus material over the past 3 seasons that was completely random and usually nothing to to with the episode.

Enjoy, this episode may not last online long.  See you in the fall for Season 4!

Season 3 Episode 22: Summer Show

July 8, 2015

It’s bright and sunny out, so we head back to the basement and record our summer episode.

We look at the guys that moved out from the roster, briefly touch on the draft picks and the prospect camp.

There’s been a lot of movement around the league - and we get WAY too Toronto centric, but hey - IT’S FREE!

See you in a couple months!