Season 4 Episode 18: Summer Show!

August 1, 2016

We return after a very busy summer period.

  • Coaches Fired - Done
  • Chiasson gone - Done
  • Sign Stamkos - well….

The whole coaching team has been churned over where we get NHL experience with Guy Boucher & Marc Crawford even if these weren’t the guys that we personally envisioned leading the team.  After time to dissect it and after going to the Development camp, we’re liking more of what we see. The season is looking quite positive (and it’s not like we traded away an all star trophy winning defence man to do it)

Lots of change is coming up for this upcoming season - buckle up!

Season 4 Episode 17: End of Season Summary with Dean Brown

April 22, 2016

We reunite at the end of a very inconsistent season to debrief on the year that has been.  What better way of doing so than by being joined by Dean Brown, the voice of the Ottawa Senators on TSN 1200! 

There has been significant changes with Pierre Dorion taking over the reins as General Manager and we’re seeing lots of changes from the top down.  Thank you again for listening and contributing in our 4th year & we look forward to getting back to it in the summer.