Season 3 Episode 21: Mendes, Mumbings and Memories

April 30, 2015

Well, the Sens ended up getting screwed in game 6 but most fans are commenting on all the positives. 

We decide to do the same and what better way to do that than bring Ian Mendes from TSN 1200 on to summarize the season.  We regroup after the series loss against Montreal, look at what the roster is shaping up to and really just end all smiles.  We’ll be back in July after free agency and the draft. 

We hope that you all have a safe and wonderful summer and continue to touch base in the forums, on twitter and via e-mail.  Thanks for listening!

Season 3 Episode 20.5 - Emergency Episode!

April 22, 2015

Sens win on home ice and stop the sweep! Good enough reason to get on the airwaves!  We get back from the game and get to enjoy our first win of the series. We couldn't make it to the studio, so you'll have to suffer through shoddy internet connection (Dammit Pan!).

We’re looking forward to Friday’s game!