Season 5 Episode 11: Push to the Playoffs

February 27, 2017

*** Recorded BEFORE the Alex Burrows trade ***

As we wait for the media to figure out how games in hand work, the Sens continue to fight for the division lead.

Sens vs Sabres 3-2L
Sens @ Devils 3-0W
Sens @ Leafs 6-3W
Sens vs Jets 3-2L
Sens @ Devils 2-1W
Sens @ Hurricanes 3-0L
Sens @ Panthers 2-1 W

Season 5 Episode 10: Calling it Now - Road to the Playoffs

February 13, 2017

We’re back already!  Even though it’s a 50-50 week, Craig Anderson returns to the team & we’re back up and running for the rest of the season

Game 50: Sens @ Sabres 4-0L
Game 51: Sens vs Blues 6-0L
Game 52: Sens vs Stars 3-2W
Game 53: Sens vs Islanders 3-0W