Sens Callups - Ottawa Senators Podcast

Season 1 Episode 26: Ref You Suck

May 24, 2013

The Sens find a very formidable opponent in... THE REFS.  Pittsburgh brings it to the Sens in a couple bad games.  By not knowing what would be a good hit and physicality to bring, Ottawa is on the brink of elimination.

 - Round 2, Game 2:  Sens 3 at Pens 4
 - Round 2, Game 3:  Pens 1 at Sens 2 (2OT)
 - Round 2, Game 4:  Pens 7 at Sens 3

We got some fantastic game submissions and recaps from listeners, review some player impressions, see what's happening around the league and review some other award nominees, and read some e-mails.