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Season 1 Episode 29: Senate Reform

Season 1 Episode 29: Senate Reform

July 11, 2013

We didn’t think much was going to come out of the summer show, but wow, what changes do we ever have.  First, the name of the stadium changes to the “Canadian Tire Center” (air wrench).  Then, a big hole is left in our chest after the Golden Gawd decides to leave the only team he’s ever played for.

The owner makes a plea to the public for support around the city after losing our icon, and we say good bye to some excellent young talent in Jakob Silfverberg and Stefan Noesen as well as knowing off the hop that if we jump onto the tank next year, we don’t get the pize of a quality pick.  To bring back some tradition to the show, Shredder from Sens Underground joins us!

That said, we have the draft to speak about and have Kathryn Jean (@msconduct on twitter) to break down the Sens draft picks, and call up our good friend, Cathy Cardinal (@CathyCardinal) to give some up front info on Bobby Ryan.  We spin around the league leaving millions of dollars in buyouts.  We’ll see you in season 2!

Season 1 Episode 28: The Day We NEVER Saw Coming

Season 1 Episode 28: The Day We NEVER Saw Coming

July 6, 2013

This all came as a surprise today as our captain, the face of the franchise, and our all time point leader has left to go for a "better" chance for the cup in Detroit.  

We pout, cry and get through this special episode and try to make sense of Alfie becoming a RedWing.  We share in our frustrations with your e-mails.  We'll be back shortly with our summer episode and hopefully in better spirits.

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