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Season 2 Episode 1: Be Podderer!

Season 2 Episode 1: Be Podderer!

August 29, 2013

We’re back for our second season premiere because we ALL MISS HOCKEY!  We look back at the Alfredsson presser and some (hopefully) final thoughts on him leaving the team.  Pan punches possible holes in the stated $94 million losses since Melnyk’s reign.

We review the roster and upcoming potential spot openings and how players will fit in.  There’s a little concern for when Cowen will return and what should be his compensation and term.  Of course, the big talk in the town is who will be the next captain.

After reviewing what happened around the league including 2 new ownership groups, we look at the Olympic team and wrap things up from there.

We’re looking forward to the season and can’t wait to interact with you over the year.  Follow us on twitter at @SensCallUps, EEEEEMMMAAAIILLL us at [email protected] and visit the forums at to keep us as the #1 Sens Podcast Network.  We are also lonely on the network and are really looking for new material and shows to be added in.

GAME (soon to be) ON!

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