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Season 1 Episode 12: The Pope is Out, the Apostle is Out! Doom and Gloom Begins

February 14, 2013
Originally Aired: February 14, 2013 

Well, a huge disappointing blow as Erik Karlsson seems to be out for possibly the season with what we’re now calling a questionable cut to the ankle by Matt Cooke.

Considering the wins and losses for the week, this really puts a damper on things, and possibly a chance at competing for the playoffs

- Canes 3 @ Sens 2 OTL
- Jets 1 @ Sens 0
- Slugs 0 @ Sens 2
- Sens 2 @ Pens 4

We cover e-mails, talk a bit about the game experiences and really lick our wounds about the Karlsson incident.

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