Sens Callups - Ottawa Senators Podcast

Season 1 Episode 17: The National Sens League

March 22, 2013

In this week’s special episode, we call up 6 guests, some familiar voices and some new ones.  We fly across the country going from East to West and meet up with Frank, Gabrielle, Spezzial Delivery, Ken, Brianne and Dan

There was a heck of a week in effort and pretty good success this week

 - Sens 4 @ Slugs 3
 - Jets 1 @ Sens 4
 - Sens 5 @ Isles 3
 - Gentlemen of Hockey 2 @ Sens 1

The GMs also do their tour around and proposed changes to rules and regulations, Cory Perry re-signs with the Ducks and we talk about the possible impact on long term contracts.  The Leafs clean house a bit…and the league may do some of that for them too.

Looking forward to more Call Ups in the future, and keep those e-mails coming!

#Peskysens #refyousuck

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