Sens Callups - Ottawa Senators Podcast

Season 1 Episode 18: Two Wins Means Let’s Go CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY!

March 28, 2013

There really wasn’t much to talk about this week – until today!  We only have two games to look at, but they were successful:

 - Bolts 3 @ Sens 5
 - Devils 2 @ Golden Gawds 3

A couple of guys come back from injury and K-Dawg leaves town.  The owner sounds off on Matt Cooke and the injury to Karlsson at a VERY odd time.  Speaking of odd – the supplemental discipline inconsistencies continue to baffle everyone.

Around the league, Pittsburgh is grabbing every free agent around the league for cheap and we get a special visit from Southern California by having a long time Groundhog on the show as Cathy Cardinal joins us.  (TJ, don’t be hateful, we’ll have you on, just e-mail us!)

We read a couple more e-mails and empty out the inbox and await our trade deadline edition!

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